Flash Fiction Friday – a start of something wonderful

Flash Fiction Friday

At first I was going to be greedy. I was going to keep such a fun, exciting little corner of my blog all to myself. I could create little stories, feel proud of myself and enjoy basking in all of the attention of my readers expounding at how clever I am. I mean, right? Like, who wouldn’t want all of that kind of interest.

Then I started thinking… wait! You know what would be like so, totally righteously cool? (Please read that in the Valley-Girl voice I say it in.) What if, now hear me out, this might sound crazy, but here’s my blog, send me your flash fiction maybe? Ok, enough of the pop culture puns. Each Friday Starry Eyed Potboiler will be doing “Flash Fiction Friday” (it echoes there at the end, for those playing along at home.). I will give a prompt and you the reader have 6 days, to write a piece of flash fiction, based upon the prompt and any criteria that go with it. By the sixth day, you email it to me, along with a link to your blog or whatever social media you use. The ones that I feel are the most deserving will be posted here for all the world to see.

Because it is #NaNoWriMo2014 (National Novel Writing Month, if you’re living under a rock somewhere), I think that the very first prompt will fall into a category in that theme. So, while all you WriMo’s out there are diligently slinging ink to make your word count, I am going to go easy on you… or am I? (Just imagine me with my pinky near the corner of my mouth… oh never mind.)

Please send your information and flash fiction to storyteller@starry-eyed-potboiler.com by 13 November 2014 for next Friday’s post. The prompt will be:

“On the eve of the conclusion of NaNoWriMo, an author works feverishly to achieve 50,000 words… in 750 words or less, how far will he go?”

Good luck! And I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you have for me. Cheers!


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