Locations For Lovers! Green Cat Guest House



In a new section of Starry-Eyed Potboiler, we will be posting reviews of places across the world where you and a lover can find a quiet moment alone, enjoy a romantic dinner, stay at an exhilarating venue. Someplace where you and the one you love can detach from the rest of the world and just be in love. Maybe you have an anniversary coming up, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, or you are looking for a place to pop that singular question. Look no further than Locations For Lovers!Tweet: Looking for somewhere #romantic Look no further than Locations For Lovers! - http://ctt.ec/3lAa4+ #getaway #PugetSound @kimberly25819

In our inaugural post on L4L, we will be reviewing the Green Cat Guest House in Poulsbo, WA. If you’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest, you are missing out on a spectacular treat. With its lush forests, moss covered homes and spectacular views (like Mt. Rainer over the sound), a person could fall in love with its serene beauty.

012The Green Cat Guest House Bed & Breakfast is a quiet spot, nestled deep in the woods, far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the world, but close enough to provide any type of entertainment you might seek out. When I stayed there, I went to recharge my batteries before a long underway period in the Navy. What I found was someplace that I will go back to, not just as a getaway for myself, but a place to take the certain someone in my life 😉

I made my reservations entirely online via their website and through email. The process was quick, easy and painless (my criteria for making any type of reservation). Because I got off work late, and it was a small drive up to Poulsbo from Bremerton, WA, I did not arrive until after dark. One thing I will warn you about: Do not trust your GPS. It will take you an entirely different direction. Follow the directions provided by the owners.

I arrived after dark, but the owners, Kim and Ken, were expecting me. There was ample parking and after knocking on the door I was given a quick tour of where I would be staying (the Master Suite)025 and a short, but informative run down of how the B&B operated, before being left to my own devices. Tired and worn out from work, I immediately closed myself in and set to relaxing.

Everything, as described on the website, was true. An ample, spacious room, fireplace, claw-foot soaking tub and an intimate private deck. There was even a small basket of fruit, cheese and wine waiting for me on a vintage, antique writing desk.

As was my plan, I spent the entire weekend relaxing, luxuriating and recharging as the guest of the Green Cat Guest House. There were several local dirt roads, running through the moss-covered forest, beautiful vistas of local mountain ranges and nearby Poulsbo, a German/Scandanavian town boasted quite a few places to eat. If you go, I recommend Tizley’s Europub.

IMG_0068The following morning I was treated to a wonderful breakfast, prepared by Kim and was left alone to enjoy my breakfast, my morning and all of the wonderful things that came with it. Throughout my entire stay, I neither felt impressed upon to act in any certain way or that my presence was a bother (as some B&B’s can do, even unthinkingly).

The second floor boasted a full kitchen and aside from a couple staying there as well, I was able to use it to my heart’s content. All in all, I left the Green Cat Guest House exactly as I wanted – refreshed, recharged and satisfied.

If you are considering a place to take that special person in your life, let me be the first to introduce you to this heavenly Bed & Breakfast and recommend it to you. Cheers!



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