Kickstarting Like A Boss

Through My Eyes


I know it’s been while since I have posted anything, and for that I am sorry. I have come back today to show you something amazing. If you’re like me you’ve tossed down a few bucks on a Kickstarter here and there. You’ve probably even thought, “Hey, I could do that! I have a great idea for….” Yeah, I’ve been there too, still am in fact. I have a book I am rewriting that I would love to run a Kickstarter for.

So what is so amazing, so spectacular that I jumped on WordPress to show you? Why it’s this:

Monte Cook Games’ Numenera: Into the Ninth World Kickstarter

“Oh, a roleplaying game. Cool.” Yes, it is a supplement for MCG’s Numenera which runs on their Cypher System Ruleset, but that’s not the coolest thing about that link. “What is?” Why I thought you would never ask.

As all Kickstarters do, the company published a goal ($20,000 in this case) so that they can meet the costs of writing, editing, art design, layout, publishing and shipping of the product. Into The Ninth World hit that goal one hour into the campaign. ONE HOUR.

That is pretty snazzy don’t you think? I do. Monte Cook Games makes some awesome RPGs, from Numenera, The Strange to the core ruleset book of the Cypher System. They are fun, streamlined for easy play and make the GM’s job in running the game super easy. (I’ve listed a better description of each of these below.) But you know what they do best? Run Kickstarters!

They are amazing at this. So, my reason for writing this post, beyond just getting you interested in MCG RPGs, points out the example that they set up from start to finish on running a fundraising campaign. If you decide to run one like I plan to, this is a good place to research. Cheers!

Numenera – Science Fantasy RPG set 1 billion years in the future of our Earth and Solar System. Based off of Arthur C. Clarke’s quote “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Characters live in a semi-feudal, medieval-like society where they hunt down relics of the past called cyphers, delve into strange mysteries and discover secrets of their past.

The Strange – From the mind of Bruce Cordell, this game allows players to shift (translate) between our world and a multitude of other worlds based upon fiction. In the Strange you could start on Earth, move to 18th Century London, Mars and mountains of Transylvania, all with a thought, and all within the same game. If you like shows like Sliders, Fringe and others, this game is for you.

Cypher System – The core bones of the other two games, the Cypher System allows a GM to set a game anywhere, anywhen, and anyway she wants. Want to play Superheroes? You can. Old West vs Wizards? You can. Vampires, Cheerleaders and Tentacle monsters… hey if you want, no judging here.