The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Issue 2, Vol. I “Radioactive pt. 1”


Having been fished from the pool in his luxurious mansion in East Egg, NJ, Jay Gatsby finds himself rescued from certain death by the mysterious Jacob Marlowe. He explains that his organization has put together a team, a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, that Marlowe believes Gatsby will perfectly round out. With the notion of helping defend not just his world, but multiple worlds against terrifying creatures and threats, Gatsby signs on to the League.

The morning after the League has faced the strange, eerily powerful “Everyman”, and prevented him from murdering MI6 Agent Ralph Ansley, with Gatsby in tow, they head for the Lowther Lodge, home to the Implausible Geographic Society in Kensington Gore, London. Here Jacob Marlowe gives them a tour of the organization they will be working closely with, the Lodge and finally the head of the order, Dame Amanda Wallace.

It is in Dame Wallace’s office that they are brought face-to-face with the incredibly nauseating portrait of Dorian Gray, MI6’s head, “M”. She explains to the League that because of unknown information leak, that they believe resides within MI6, the IGS has taken the responsibility of safeguarding the portrait. It was moved from a secure location to the Lowther Lodge the previous evening, and she has devised a plan to hide it from the Everyman.

While the members of the League who faced the Everyman, Tarzan, and Victor Frankenstein, are skeptical, they agree to hear out her plan. She explains that they have made an arrangement with an organization from Earth called The Estate. Dame Wallace and the head of the Estate, Katherine Manners, have created a plan, that would keep any one side of the equation from knowing the full plan to hide the Portrait of Dorian Gray. When the League is ready, they will travel via Inapposite Gate to Earth where they will be met by operatives of the Estate. Once in Manners’ custody, they will be given the final information on their journey to protect the head of MI6.

The League agrees to follow the plan, and using the gate, find themselves on Earth, in London. They travel via private jet (a unique experience for all involved) to Seattle, Washington, where they are met by Agents Wells and Langford who will escort them from the private airfield, across the sound to the Estate’s campus in Seattle. The initial part of the journey is uneventful until they begin to draw close to a bridge over the narrows.

One of the League, from his position in the SUV, notices a strange event happening to the north out over the dark water. A black spiral begins to spin in the sky and soon it opens up, allowing several dark shapes to fly out of it that begin racing towards the bridge at break-neck speeds. Realizing that they will be attacked, the League prepares to defend the portrait and themselves. The creatures draw closer to the bridge, and they can be seen to be small children, dressed for Halloween astride witch’s brooms, brandishing lit jack-o-lanterns. Three break formation, hurtling towards the SUV while two others begin bombing cars on the bridge, causing a devastating accident and preventing the League from escaping across the bridge.

Three fly over the SUV as Tarzan climbs out of the vehicle’s moon roof brandishing his sword. As he does, the gleeful creatures pelt him with candy that begins to explode. Making hairpin turns they fly back for another bombing run, two passing over Tarzan while one drops behind the SUV and works at trying to pick the lock to the back door. The accident has forced the Estate Agents to bring the vehicle to a halt, and Tarzan takes this opportunity to jump down on the creature, stopping his lockpicking and pinning him to the concrete roadway.

The League and the Agents begin to climb out of the SUV, and Gatsby offers several encouraging words, lifting their spirits as they work to fight against their attackers. Victor, reaching out with his will, shatters one of the brooms sending a creature spiraling to the ground. The Estate Agents draw their weapons and begin firing and Tarzan works to move forward hacking at the remaining flying trick-or-treaters. It is at the far end of the bridge that the true threat emerges. The two creatures who caused the accident begin piling pumpkins together, and from it grows a massive, ten-foot tall Pumpkin Golem. On spindly vine legs, it trundles forward to engage the League.

As the two flying creatures follow their creation, they pull out small, black crossbows and begin firing upon the League. It is Gatsby who steps forward, halting one in mid-air with his voice. Unfortunately, one of the other hobgoblins launches a poisoned, rotting apple at his feet. The gas and the stench reaches up, clawing at his throat and he begins to vomit over the concrete. It is at this time, using a one-use cypher, given by the IGS, that Hiro Protagonist joins the group. In a flash of golden light he appears, katana brandished, looking for enemies.

Tarzan rushes forth to the Pumpkin Golem, slicing at it with his sword, before launching himself onto this back and attempting to behead the creature. With Hiro and Tarzan working in unison, they defeat the remaining creatures, keeping the portrait safe… for the time being.

The Estate agents continue escorting the League to the Seattle Campus. In the Security headquarters, they are introduced to Katherine Manners. They discuss the final plans to safeguard the portrait, and she explains that she has selected a recursion for them to take the item. To ensure that they cannot be followed, she will not tell them or describe the recursion, and has taken it upon herself to operate the gate that will allow them to travel there.

Satisfied with her precautions, the League takes a short time to recuperate and rest before finishing their journey. As they step through the Estate’s Inapposite Gate, they find themselves standing in a short alleyway in the recursion of New Centropolis, one based off of the myriad tellings of Superheroes.


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