The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Issue 3, Vol. I “Radioactive pt. 2”


At the end of the previous issue, the League had traveled to a new recursion with the help of the head of the Estate, Katherine Manners. Stepping through the gate they found themselves in a place called New Centropolis, a recursion based upon the combined mythos of comic book superheroes. The four men, as the gate closed behind them, discovered that they had adopted personas that fit within it.

John Clayton, Tarzan, had turned into Silverback, the powerful hero who could climb any wall. Jay Gatsby had become the Green Gatsby, able to fly and create objects from solid green light. Victor Frankenstein transformed into Dr. DeLightning, a superhero with the ability to teleport within sight and control lightning. Finally, Hiro Protagonist had become Hiro, a true hero with the power to fly and control electricity.

As the group took in their new surroundings and abilities, their reprieve was interrupted by the sound of an explosion, cries from frightened citizens and a stampeding crowd running from certain danger. Leaping to action, the League raced into the street and found a skyscraper with it’s tenth floor damaged and on fire. Using the reflection off the opposite building Dr. DeLightning teleported into the floor and moved to foil the two women who were attempting to break into a vault in the science laboratory.

FissionNightmare Chill









The battle that ensued would culminate with Dr. DeLightning stabbing the villain Nightmare Chill in the side with a knife and shooting her with his revolver. Realizing that their plans had been foiled, the ice-coated woman unleashed a terrifying snow storm within the science lab, leaving visibility at near zero and allowing them to escape. It would be the Green Gatsby who would foil them. Racing to the broken window, utilizing his ability to create an object from solid green light, he created an arm to grab Fission, as Dr. DeLightning shattered the ice path Nightmare Chill was sliding upon to flee.

On the ground, Dr. DeLightning’s nature would come to the fore. With Nightmare Chill laying on the ground, unable to escape, he would draw his revolver and end her. The mad scientist in him would reach out, scooping the villain up and teleporting away, just as the Department of Superhuman Affairs would arrive on the scene.

The League fled, searching for places to hide, and changing into street clothes, thinking that the would be imprisoned for their actions. It would finally be in a warehouse outside of the city that the DSA would catch up with them, and offer them aid if they registered. Each agreed, except Silverback, who expertly hid from the agents, clinging to the underside of a SWAT vehicle, while the others entered the DSA headquarters and registered.

Here the Director of the Department, Alicia Reardon, would give them a tour, introducing them to Warden Hughes and their containment unit called a Quantum Collapse Arch. They would also be directed to the Spectacular’s Sanctuary, the primary superhero team in New Centropolis, as a place to seek aid.

Finally leaving, the group headed to New Centropolis Square in search of their contact, a man called Corvid. It is there that they would learn the story of the city’s heroine, a woman called Radioactive Girl, who sacrificed herself to save the city and it’s citizens from a terrible, alien virus. Her explosion was what created the massive crater to the east of the city. In the square, Hiro would speak with a young girl at an outdoor cafe. From her he would learn that Corvid, a birdman, was the caretaker of Radioactive Girl’s memorial, but had been missing for the last three days. Gaining the young girl’s confidence, she whispered to him that he had gone into the crater and had not come out.

With no other roads to follow, the League gained the wall and entered the crater in search of Corvid.


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