In the spring of 2003 I attended the U.S. Navy’s Joint Instructor Training School at Corry Station in WIIFMPensacola, FL. I was taught there that to gain someone’s attention, they must know the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). You’ve come to this blog, via one means or another, and you’ve clicked on the About link to determine just that: What can I do for you?

Since I was a very young boy I have been writing and storytelling. That is 30 years of experience honing my craft. I have learned to do so in a variety of forms. Everything from oral storytelling, poems, short stories, music, flash fiction, novels and screenplays. Beyond that, I have also lived a life. When I first started writing, one of the mantras that I heard over and over again was to “write what you know…”, in fact I’d be willing to bet you’ve heard it a few times yourself. Besides writing, I have spent the last 20 years travelling the world, experiencing other cultures, learning about other people and sampling the spices of life. I have set foot on every country (save for Antarctica), sailedUss_john_f_kennedy_cv-67 every ocean and the majority of the world’s seas. I have experiences joy, happiness, pain, suffering, loss and peace. So, what is in this for you? My experience, my insight and my point of view. Perhaps walking a small distance in my shoes, seeing things through my eyes, will give you something to think about.

You’ve read this far, so perhaps you’re interested in knowing a little more about me? I grew up in a small town in Western Michigan. One of those sleepy little places where everybody knows everyone else, and what they are doing mere hours after it happens. This little bubble shaped my younger days. I traveled it, as far as I could. I explored every boundary and sought to understand it. When I had done so, I stretched my travels and explorations further. That wanderlust took me into the U.S. Marine Corps. When I found the Corps too restrictive, I slipped across party lines and found a place in the U.S. Navy. For 18 years I bounced from duty station to duty station, career to career, aircraft carrier to aircraft carrier. I have been a follower, a leader, a friend and a confidant. Through that short time, which let me tell you, has felt like a lifetime in itself, I finally feel as if I have some experience to draw upon. I have something to say, share and offer you the reader.

If you’d like to experience some of this life, learn from it and see from another point of view, please, follow this blog and look through the mind of a writer. Cheers!


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